Purpose of Role

Haven't found a volunteer role that suits you? Then how about creating your own volunteer role? What are you passionate about? What skills and experience could you bring to Glasgow Eco Trust and the local community that help us achieve our aims and mission?

Task Description

What do you want to do? And what do you think are the tasks involved?

  • What difference do you want to make?
  • Share your great idea

What skills and personal qualities do you have? Are you good with people? Experience of community development? Are you a creative person? Do you have digital skills?

What support and supervision do you think you will require? Do you need access to certain equipment or space? Can you volunteer from the comfort of your own home?

How much time are you able to commit? A couple of hours a month? More often?

Interested in creating this volunteer role? Please complete our Volunteer form

Photo by Mark Fletcher-Brown on Unsplash