Purpose of Role

This role centres around establishing a Heritage Trail within the G13 and G14 postcode areas of Glasgow, predominantly but not exclusively Whiteinch, Scotstoun, Knightswood and Yoker. The Heritage Trail will be an opportunity to highlight local history and harness the knowledge and wisdom in the area and will link with other established heritage trails such as Victoria Park. The Trail is intended to celebrate a proud history, the current transition and the promising future of the areas; building on existing community pride. The trail will also encourage residents and visitors to walk and cycle in the area.

Task Description

This is a vital role, and will be essential in getting the Heritage Trail established. There are a number of potential tasks that may change or become necessary as the Trail evolves, however the initial duties will include:

  • Participate in a Steering Group of interested and relevant people. Identify potential partners and relevant stakeholders and liaise accordingly.
  • Identify local historical sites, locations and views that illustrate the area’s history and exciting future.
  • Engage and cooperatively work with other volunteers involved in the development of the Trail.
  • Identify compelling stories based upon the history of the area. Verify and fact check information accordingly.
  • Identify safe and interesting interlinking routes between the sites, with points of reference along the way ensuring that these are accessible to all and barrier free.

Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Enjoys working in a team and collaborating with partner organisations.
  • Use great personal skills when gathering local stories from stakeholders.
  • Great organisational skills, a passion about learning the history of the area and an eye for detail to check and verify the information.

Accountable to

Neil Lovelock, Project Manager.

Support and Supervision

Support and supervision will be provided by Glasgow Eco Trust staff, along with fellow Board Members. Volunteers will be encouraged to access any relevant training delivered by Glasgow Eco Trust or partners, and be invited to participate in events and celebrations.

Time Commitment Required

The nature of this Development Role means that flexibility in the time volunteered will be key to ensure that collaborative meetings can be attended.



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      Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash