Welcome to the Glasgow Green Map!

In the run up to COP26, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and Glasgow Eco Trust are teaming up to create an online green map of Glasgow using the open source platform Green Map System.

We’re mapping community resources and sustainable, locally run businesses so that those coming to COP26 get to truly experience Glasgow.

We are helping COP26 delegates and activists find places to eat, shop and visit that bring value into local communities and make them feel welcome in our city.

And we need your help to! 

We’re asking the Glasgow community to share their favourite places and add any local, sustainable, and community-run resources to the map. These could be local cafes, zero waste shops, bike stations or community gardens. In doing so, those visiting or living in Glasgow will be able to shop and consume more sustainably. Post-COP26, this will create a legacy that can be built on by the community for an ever-greener Glasgow. 

Get involved - add your favourite sites!

You can get involved in with the map by suggesting sites.

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