Glasgow Eco Trust has been invited to join the REVERB Eco-Village on the Glasgow leg of The 1975 2020 tour at the SSE Hydro on Sunday 1 March.

REVERB is a community of music-makers and music-lovers working together to create a better future for people and the planet through direct action at concerts and beyond. They are joining The 1975 on their 2020 tour to help the band reduce their environmental footprint and create a positive impact for people and the planet.

Fans can take action for the environment on tour by visiting the REVERB Eco-Village which will be located in the main concourse at every show.

Glasgow Eco Trust is asking fans of The 1975 to support them in three ways:

  • send a message to COP26 #SendAMessageToCOP26
  • bring along old toothbrushes for recycling #DontForgetYourOldToothbrush
  • help us raise £1975 to support our work

Neil Lovelock, Glasgow Eco Trust Project Manager said, "In 19.75 days time we will be part of the REVERB Eco-Village at the SSE Hydro on the Glasgow leg of The 1975 2020 tour. We are very grateful to REVERB and The 1975 for this chance to showcase what we are doing locally to take action on climate change. This is an amazing opportunity for us and we encourage fans to support our work and to come and see us at the Eco-Village.

In a little under 9 months time this same venue will will host the #COP26 climate talks. 2020 is a huge year for climate action and #COP26 in Glasgow needs to be a huge success. We need everyone to play their part if we are to address the climate emergency. In particular we need our world leaders to take urgent action now.

So we are calling on fans of The 1975 - in fact everyone - to send a message to the world leaders who will be attending the talks about what urgent action they want to see them take. #SendAMessageToCOP26"

In addition to sending a message to #COP26 fans can support Glasgow Eco Trust by bringing along their old toothbrushes to our stand at the Eco-Village. We are aiming to collect 1975 old toothbrushes which will be sent off for recycling as part of TerraCycle UK oral care recycling programme #DontForgetYourOldToothbrush.

People can also make a donation to our The 1975 REVERB Eco-Village fund raiser where we are trying to raise - you've guessed it - £1975 to support the delivery of our work!

Fans can take action for the environment on tour by visiting the REVERB Eco-Village.

  • Take action on climate change with Music’s Climate Campaign unCHANGEit and partner Music Declares Emergency
  • Donate for a custom reusable #RockNRefill bottle
  • Ditch disposables by filling up at the free water refill station
  • Connect with local nonprofits working on the issues of deforestation and climate change