Glasgow Eco Trust is developing a Community Litter Prevention Action Plan with a wide range of community partners and local businesses.

This project builds on a range of great work already being undertaken locally inluding various regular community litter picks and this year's #YorkhillToYokerChallenge as part of the National Spring Clean

The Scottish Government, in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, Keep Scotland Beautiful, and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, published the National Litter and Flytipping Strategy for Scotland in June 2023. The key elements include:

  • Behavior change: increase awareness of the problems caused by litter, understand individual and community responsibilities in preventing litter, and motivate responsible behavior
  • Infrastructure and services: seek to ensure Scotland's infrastructure and services are fit for purpose, encourage and enable responsible behavior, and prioritise action and innovation to proactively prevent litter.
  • Enforcement: outline plans for a strong and consistent enforcement model across Scotland that acts as an effective deterrent for littering and flytipping
  • Collaboration: emphasise the need for a shared approach between the Scottish Government, local authorities, public agencies, the third sector, and communities to drive litter prevention and behavior change

This project will focus on the collaboration for communities to drive litter prevention and behaviour change.

Choose your actions

We have compiled a list of over 50 actions and we are looking for local organisations and businesses to pledge to undertake between 6 and 10 actions. We will collate all of these actions into an individual action plan and also combined community Littre Prevention Action Plan.

Actions include:

  • Action A
  • Action B
  • Action C
  • Action D

Choose your actions [Insert link to Google Form]

Litter Free

To help promote the litter prevention action plan we are using the following hashtags for social media #LitterPrevention #LitterFreeG14 #LitterFreeG13 #LitterFreeG11

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The following organisations are partners in the the Community Litter Prevention Action Plan

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Coming soon - we will develop a map showing the local organisations and businesses which have signed up to the Community Litter Prevention Action Plan

Community Litter Prevention Action Plan

The image below shows the actions and how many organisations have pledged to undertake these actions.

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This work is being funded through Glasgow Eco Trust's Community Partnership Agreement with Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association. Their support is greatly appreciated.