Based on learning from Scotland's A Menu for Change project, Glasgow's 'Worrying about Money?' leaflet is designed to help people experiencing financial insecurity, and those supporting them, to easily identify and access appropriate financial support and advice.

It is a step-by-step guide that:

  • starts with the financial problems someone might be facing (Step 1)
  • explains the options available (Step 2)
  • includes contact information for who can help someone in each situation (Step 3)

The aim of this resource is to reduce the need for emergency food aid by helping people access any existing financial entitlements and advice on income maximisation.

The leaflet has been prepared by IFAN (Independent Food Aid Network), The Trussell Trust, GAIN (Glasgow's Advice and Information Network), Glasgow Community Food Network and Nourish Scotland. 

Printed copies of the 'Worrying about money?' leaflets

Over 50,000 printed leaflets have been delivered to more than 70 organisations across Glasgow, delivered by Glasgow Community Food Network and Community Transport Glasgow. To register interest in receiving hard copies for future print runs please fill in this form.

Translations of the leaflet

Leaflets will shortly be available in Arabic, Polish and Romanian and further translations are underway. You can register your interest in translated copies here. 

IFAN's cash first referral leaflet

As and when leaflets are updated you'll be able to find the most recent version on IFAN's cash first referral leaflet page. You'll also be able to find translated versions of the leaflets on the same page. 

Money Counts' course

The 'Money Counts' course is a basic training session to help anyone who might be supporting people facing money worries as part of their job or volunteering role and is linked to the 'Worrying about money?' leaflet. You can find out more and to register interest in upcoming 'Money Counts' courses for Glasgow via this form

If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]

Video from launch event

The event was an opportunity for frontline workers and volunteers to hear more about the new cash first referral leaflet and how to use it. The video will help you understand the types of support available, raise awareness of the services that can help and improve confidence in contacting services when faced with someone in financial crisis.

Representatives of partner organisations who have worked together to co-develop the leaflet shared their experiences and thoughts and explained why a cash first response to food insecurity is fundamental and how access to financial advice and support can help reduce the need for charitable food aid.