Glasgow Eco Trust is working in partnership with Glasgow City Council Neighbourhood Improvement Services and we are now a Community Hub which means we can offer a convenient location for local people and groups to access litter picking equipment.

Community Hub

The creation of the Community Hubs forms part of the Clean Glasgow 2021 Litter Prevention Action Plan.

Clean Glasgow have supplied us with litter-picking kits which are available to Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers, other individuals, community groups as well as businesses in the local area to borrow, which will enable them to tackle local litter issues in their own communities.

Storing and distributing the equipment in community buildings located throughout the city will enable volunteers to access the resources more flexibly without having to get them delivered or collecting them from a city centre location.

The Hubs have been funded from a variety of sources including Local Area Partnerships and McDonalds. These GCC Community Hubs will empower communities to care for their local environments, tackling the litter blight which spoils our beautiful city.

Litter Picking Kits

The litter picking kits contain:

  • litter pickers
  • bag hoops
  • refuse bags
  • hi-vis vests
  • disposable gloves

The Community Hub can also arrange for and a designated refuse uplift after your event.  This would allow local business, groups and schools to easily access equipment and keep their neighbourhoods cleaner and safer.

Community Hub Map

There are several other Neighbourhood Improvement Community Hubs across the city including Friends of Knightswood Park and The Whiteinch Centre.

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Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash