So you want to take action for people, place and planet? Well look no further you can make one or more of our Go Eco Glasgow eco pledges or you can create your own pledge!


We have made a few suggestions for pledges that you can make...

  • I pledge to eat less meat and eat more plant based food
  • I pledge to switch to a green energy supplier
  • I pledge to use my car less and use public transport and active travel more
  • I pledge to buy less new clothes and buy more pre-loved clothes
  • I pledge to lobby my local Councillors / MSPs / MPs for system change and climate action
  • I pledge to regularly donate to a charity championing the environment
  • I pledge to move all of my banking to an ethically-led bank
  • I pledge to not take a short-haul or domestic flight if there is a viable alternative
  • I pledge to take direct action for system change and climate action
  • I pledge to grow more vegetables and fruit

Or you can make your own pledge!

We will update this page regularly with details of other pledges that people have taken

It only takes a few minutes and you will add your voice and collectively we can and will make a difference for people, place and planet.

Make a pledge

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It would be great if you could share your pledge on social media too!

I have just made @GlasgowEcoTrust #GoEcoGlasgow #EcoPledge to [enter your pledge here] - will you make an #EcoPledge too? #PeoplePlacePlanet #CommunityConnections4ClimateAction

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash