If you're thinking "What can I actually do about climate change?", 52 Climate Actions website offers one simple answer: commit yourself to positive action right now.

With less than 300 days until Glasgow hosts the COP26 international climate talks we are asking people to take more action

With catastrophic floods in Indonesia and the horrendous bush fires in Australia the need to take action on the #ClimateEmergency has never been more urgent.

52 Climate Actions is a fantastic website that has been put together by a partnership led by The Permaculture Association. They worked with nine other organisations to develop and promote permaculture based solutions to climate change:

They wanted to create a project that would:

  • help people understand their personal power in tackling climate change    
  • show people the best responses to climate change    
  • promote these solutions to a wide audience
  • inspire people to action to help them reduce their carbon footprint, adapt to climate change, and embrace a low carbon culture
  • be rooted in permaculture, a design system that aims to create sustainable human habitats by following nature's patterns. 
  • The website of actions to tackle climate change. 52 of the most effective climate actions that can be taken by individuals and communities in the Global North have been chosen.

It’s 52 actions because it’s one for each week of the year, and it’s a manageable number. The actions are both powerful and realistic for individuals and communities. A wide variety of actions have been selected and they’ve tried to ensure they are up-beat, positive, and fun.

The actions fall into three categories:

  • those to reduce your carbon footprint (mitigation);
  • those to help you cope with the effects of climate change (adaptation); and
  • those that aim to change your mindset (thinking differently).

To make the site easy to use, the 52 actions are divided into 16 themes such as ‘Love Trees’, ‘Travel Wisely’ and ‘Respect Food’. Each theme contains 8 actions. Most actions are included in two or three themes.

After the first 4 introductory actions (Actions 1-4), the remaining 48 actions are arranged in a more or less random order. They are NOT listed in order of priority or impact. The actions have all been chosen because they are potentially very powerful; the 'best' actions differ from person to person according to context.

You have the power to bring about positive change. Every action makes a difference, so start today with the theme that inspires you most.

Take action now

Inevitably some things have been missed out - you can discover many additional solutions at www.drawdown.org/solutions