In the Glasgow Eco Trust Community Environmental Issues survey of 2019, I noticed that one of the issues many found least important & were least willing to take action was on the biodiversity in the community. One of the reasons I may have thought this was the case is that perhaps people don’t really know what biodiversity is so why would they find it important. Biodiversity is “the variety of life on Earth, in all its forms and all its interactions“, its the "individual species, communities of creatures and entire ecosystems"

Biodiversity may make you think that its something only prevalent in rural areas with vast fields, fresh air and lots of wildlife roaming in the countryside however biodiversity is everywhere even in the heart of a city. In Scotstoun we have be the swans that live in the pond of Victoria Park, the wee beasties that roam in grass, the wonderful plants grown in the garden of Heart of Scotstoun garden, the trees that line our streets and even you & me!

Wildlife and nature found in biodiversity isn't just nice to have in Scotsoun but its also what's "made Earth habitable for billions of years.". So what can be done to help the biodiversity in our local community? Well the Glasgow Eco Trust has begun Weekly Gardening Volunteering Sessions starting from the 6th August, we can encourage different plants and species of animals & insects to thrive by helping our garden flourish!