The Climate Fringe website provides a platform for all of civil society, from activists to NGOs to Trade Unions, particularly in Scotland, to share events and connect around Climate Change and COP26.

It has been built by Stop Climate Chaos Scotlandto join together all the activities that are happening in the run-up to, and during COP.    

The site was created to share information on events across the climate community in Scotland in the run up to COP.  The hope is it will be a place where everyone can feel at home, a platform for many and diverse voices, accessible to new audiences, and a Scottish welcome to international civil society planning to come to Glasgow.

You can check out the various events that are already planned and if you have your own event then please upload it to the site.

Climate Fringe Week

Climate Fringe Week will be a week long celebration and support for all the ways you can engage in climate activism; be that as part of an organisation, with your friends, family or wider community. With COP26 coming to Glasgow, this is a key time to bring about climate action and the Scottish voice should be louder than ever.