What we did

Glasgow Eco Trust aimed to raise £23,000 in 2023 with our #GET23in23 fundraising appeal to support community-led climate action.

A huge thank you to everyone that supported us during the fundraiser. Please find below a summary of what we achieved!

Why we did it

In January 2023 we were informed that we were unsuccessful with our funding application to the Glasgow City Council Glasgow Communities Fund. So we launched our #GET23in23 fundraising campaign to raise £23,000 primarily through support from individuals and individual fundraising activity.

What did we do

Well we did a wide range of things including:

How did we do

Overall we raised £18,774 - 82% of our target!

The following infographic provides a breakdown of the main sources of the £18,774 that was raised.

Suggestions and Ideas

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas for fundraising activities that we can do?

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Or have you got your own idea for a fundraiser for Glasgow Eco Trust? A bake sale? A sponsored silence? It's quick and easy to set this up on our website.

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