Case Study - September 2023

This case study has been kindly completed by Elspeth Gracey, who is one of our valued Community Green Team volunteers.

The first in a series of case studies on volunteers in the De'ils On Wheels community bike workshop.

This volunteer is retired and has volunteered with De'ils On Wheels since 2019.


“Learning a skill is a big part of it. I definitely feel more confident about maintaining different bikes, there are lots of them each one can be different, always learning, always interesting.”

“It’s definitely led to more cycling. I did West Coast of Ireland this year in June that’s 620miles I wouldn’t even have thought of doing that before, just used to doddle about on my bike.”

“I didn’t feel I had a problem with health or wellbeing before but I guess that it has probably improved via the increased social contact with other folk. It’s fun in the workshop - we have lots of chats and banter while working and then we have a sit down with a cuppa and biscuits. It’s not just nose to grind stone.”

People and Place

“I probably do feel more connected to my community I have met other local folk through my cycling.”


“Even though I’m not a ‘friend of Victoria Park’ I walk there often and do pick up litter and clear up after the people who’ve had picnics. I also try to dissuade people from feeding mouldy bread to the ducks - it’s not good for the ducks and they flock together which is not great when bird flu is around.”

“So I guess I do take increased pride in the place.”

“Somebody has been leaving cooked food by a bin at one of the park gates just emptied onto the ground - not sure why, maybe they think they are feeding the wild life. I’m thinking of making my own notice to say ‘Please put food in the bin and not beside it’.”


“I always knew about protecting the environment - although still not sure about all that can go in the blue bin but I am definitely more conscious about issues like recycling. In terms of my carbon footprint I walk, cycle or use the bus or train rather than my car. I just use the car for long journeys. I often walk into town, that’s good for keeping fit too. I did do these things anyway but definitely more conscious of it all now.”

“I do wish there were more electric buses.”

General feedback for De’ils on Wheels

“I don’t think they could do anything differently. We’re short of space but think they are looking into that. Despite that it works well.”

“Something that is really good is knowing if the bike you worked on has sold. The Workshop Manager is good at telling us that. Sometimes it happens immediately you just finished working on it and then it gets sold - that gives me a great sense of satisfaction and they do that for us if we’re not there when it sells.”

“Can’t say anything bad about the Workshop Manager, they are very likeable and does well by us. They brings biscuit for us even although they are not eating them themselves.”