As part of work of the  Victoria Park Action Group a key activity has been compiling and collating various bits of information in one place for all the stakeholders to access. Some of this information has been used to create this timeline for the Park, a short version of which is included in the  Victoria Park Update Report.

The timeline provides a useful overview of the key developments and events in the park, particularly over the past decade or so.

Information at the start marked * has been sourced from Victoria Park Heritage Trail leaflet. Approximate dates are indicated by ??. Weblinks to the source of the information have been provided in the end notes.

Acronyms used: GCC – Glasgow City Council; FoVP – Friends of Victoria Park; WCC – Whiteinch Community Council


  • 1885 – land for Victoria Park acquired *[ii]
  • 1886 – construction started *
  • 1885 – fossils unearthed *
  • 1887 – Victoria Park formally opened by the Lord Provost of Glasgow Sir Andrew McLean on the 2nd July *
  • 1890 – Fossil Grove building opened * [iii]
  • 1900 – Partick Curling Club clubhouse formally opened * [iv]
  • 1960s – South East corner of the park lost to the construction of the interchange of the Clydeside Expressway and Clyde Tunnel *
  • 1986 – Fossil Grove designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) [v]
  • 1989 – Fossil Grove Trust established as a charity [vi]
  • Early 1990s?? – last time blaes pitches used
  • 2004?? – proposal to turn blaes pitches into car park for Scotstoun Leisure Centre
  • 2005 – GCC published the ‘Strategic Best Value Review of Parks and Open Spaces’ [vii]
  • Mar 2006 – Victoria Park added to Historic Environment Scotland’s Inventory of Designed Gardens and Landscapes [viii]
  • 2007 – Management of the Fossil Grove transferred from Glasgow Museums to GCC Land and Environmental Services [ix]
  • Jun 2008 – Scottish Natural Heritage Fossil Grove Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) site management statement [x]
  • 2009 – Friends of Victoria Park (FoVP) set up [xi]
  • May 2010 – Fossil Grove Trust re-convened [xii] [xiii]
  • Nov 2011 – GCC Open Space Strategy consultation launched [xiv]
  • 2012 – Fossil Grove Trust Heritage Lottery Fund application developed [xv]
  • Aug 2012 – GCC Victoria Park Development and Management Plan consultation launched
  • Sep 2012 – WCC Victoria Park 125th anniversary commemoration event [xvi]
  • 2013 – GCC Victoria Park development and management plan 2013-2018 published including consultation responses (223 responses)
  • Feb 2013 – GCC Vacant Buildings in Parks report [xvii]
  • Mar 2013?? – FoVP orchard proposal developed and submitted to GCC
  • Sep 2013 – Jubilee Gates refurbished [xviii]
  • Sep 2013 – GCC Victoria Park blaes feasibility study (Ryden commissioned by GCC)
  • Feb 2014 – Fossil Grove community consultation event [xix]
  • Apr 2014 – FoVP EGM – Brian Butler presentation ‘The Vision for Glasgow’s Parks’ [xx]
  • Apr 2014 – Bill Kidd MSP ‘Future of Victoria Park’ survey [xxi]
  • Jul 2014 – Bill Kidd MSP survey report published (734 responses)
  • Jul 2014 – Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton relay (Day 38) ends in Victoria Park [xxii]
  • Aug 2014 – WCC Commonwealth Connections event [xxiii]
  • Aug 2014 – blaes pitches put up for lease by Ryden Property, on behalf of GCC [xxiv]
  • Sep 2014 – FoVP Arms around the Park event [xxv] [xxvi]
  • Sep 2014 – Three proposals submitted for park – FoVP orchard and cycle track; Broomhill Sports Club sports pitches; Victoria Park Residents Association grassed area [xxvii] [xxviii] [xxix]
  • Oct 2014 – The Battle for Victoria Park blog by local resident [xxx]
  • Jan 2015 – WCC Victoria Park public meeting [xxxi]
  • Feb 2015 – GCC Victoria Park blaes pitches consultation launched [xxxii]
  • Feb 2015 – STV Glasgow website article on blaes pitch consultation [xxxiii]
  • Feb 2015 – Victoria Park Residents Association public meeting [xxxiv]
  • Mar 2015 – GCC Vacant Buildings in Parks update report [xxxv]
  • Jul 2016 – Jordanhill Community Council and Victoria Park Residents Associaiton publish ‘Victoria Park and Open Spaces Community Plan’ [xxxvi]
  • Jul 2016 – GCC blaes pitches consultation report published (1468 responses) [xxxvii]
  • Sep 2016 – GCC launches 2 year Parks and Green Spaces consultation launched [xxxviii]
  • Nov 2016 – GCC Victoria Park community placemaking event EKOS started [xxxix] [xl]
  • Jan 2017 – GCC Parks and Green Spaces Strategy stage 2 report [xli]
  • Feb 2017 – EKOS Community Placemaking draft action plan and development plan published [xlii]
  • Mar 2017 – Victoria Park working group established facilitated by Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust (DRCET) [xliii]
  • May 2017 – New Victoria Park electoral ward comes into effect [xliv]
  • Jun 2017 – Historic Environment Scotland fossil grove mineralogical sampling report [xlv]
  • Jan 2018 – Victoria Park Working Group develops into the Victoria Park Action Group, with an aim to establish a new organisation to take forward the Development Plan for the park. [xlvi]
  • May 2018 – Victoria Park Update Report published [xlvii]


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