Bikeability Scotland is a cycle training programme designed to give children the skills and confidence they need both to cycle safely on the roads, and to encourage them to carry on cycling into adulthood.

Glasgow Eco Trust delivers Bikeability Level 2 on road training to P6 pupils in local primary schools on behalf of the Glasgow City Council Road Safety Team.

We are currently working with Bankhead, Blairdardie, Clyde, Corpus Christi, St Brendan's  and St Paul's Primaries.

Bikeability is great for your child

Bikeability Scotland is managed by Cycling Scotland, the national organisation for cycling promotion, on behalf of the Bikeability Scotland Delivery Group.

Bikes were checked and ready to use for Bikeability. The children were happy and noticed a few things had been fixed.
"Our Bikeabilty group hit the roads today & were fantastic! Half of the group had never cycled on a main road before so it was great to see their confidence grow whilst applying skills!Thanks to our fabulous volunteers for being patient teachers!"