Each year up to 37,000 children in Scotland take part in Bikeability training.

Bikeability Scotland is designed to give children the skills and confidence they need to cycle safely and encourage them to carry on cycling into adulthood. Here’s a few reasons why it’s great for your child.

Top 5 reasons for your child to do Bikeability Scotland cycle training:

  1. Fun! – the feedback we get is overwhelmingly positive, children really enjoy Bikeability
  2. Confidence – our survey found that 65% of children were more confident cycling and 82% of parents were more in favour of letting their children cycle after completing Bikeability Scotland training.
  3. Safety - children who’ve completed our on-road training score much higher on hazard perception and appropriate response tests.
  4. Healthy habits –  more children choose to cycle to school, and prefer to cycle to local places. Also, 45% of pupils say they cycle more frequently after Bikeability Scotland training.
  5. Lifeskill – once you learn, you never forget how to ride a bike. It’s a great opportunity for your child to meet new friends at all stages of life.

If you’d like your child to take part, please ask your school about Bikeability Scotland training. Alternatively, find out if your school offers the training by using the School Checker on our homepage.

Source: Cycling Scotland