All walks will be led by a trained Health Walk leader, you should read the Walk Agreement before coming along

Walk Leader Agreement

As Walk Leaders we have committed to the following:

  • We have tried to make this walk as safe as possible by doing a risk assessment of the route. This included trying to find a route where there aren’t many other people and there’s plenty of space so we can keep physically distant.
  • All staff and volunteers leading this walk have done the Paths for All Walk Leader training course.
  • We have tried to find a walk that is suitable for everyone, bearing in mind some of us might not have been very active for a while and may need to take things easy at first.
  • We will describe the route and any hazards to you before we start walking and will let you decide how far you want to walk.

Walker Agreement

By taking part in the walk, you are agreeing to the following:

  • I’ll only walk if I am fit enough, and it’s up to me to assess if I can do the Health Walk or Health Walk plus
  • If I have any concerns about my ability to participate in the walk, I’ll talk to the Walk Leader or a health professional.
  • I’ll tell a Walk Leader if I feel unwell while out on a walk.
  • I’ll tell a Walk Leader if I am leaving the walk before it has ended.
  • I understand that I come on this Health Walk or Health Walk plus at my own risk.

 Finally, as walkers and Walk Leaders we agree to respect each other.