As part of the COP26 Coalition Global Day of Action march for climate justice we organised a feeder cycle ride from Clydebank as part of Pedal On COP26.

We gathered at the Clydebank bandstand on a very wet and windy Saturday morning. We started with over 20 people and everyone was in high spirits practicing our singing for the march. We cycled east towards Kelvingrove Park with stop offs at Yoker Sports Centre, Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre and Partick Interchange picking up more people at each stop.

We ended up with over 50 people in the ride before meeting up with the other people marching on Kelvinway.

The ride was part of the national 'Pedal on COP' initiative by grassroots cycle campaign, Pedal on Parliament. Rides were organised by individuals and groups from across Scotland to reach Glasgow in time for the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice. Marching under the banner 'this machine fights climate change', the cyclists joined tens of thousands of others to march through the city centre and rally in Glasgow Green. The march, organised by the COP26 Coalition, brought together groups from indigenous groups to youth climate strikers to make the case for global climate justice as world leaders wrangle over cuts to emissions at the UN COP26 conference.

Organiser Sally Hinchcliffe, Pedal on Parliament said, "We wanted to follow in the footsteps of Kirkpatrick McMillan and show the world that bikes are already an essential tool in the fight against climate change. Not everyone can cycle to Glasgow but most people could manage short journeys by bike instead of the car, as long as there are cycle paths and safe streets. We're disappointed to see so much emphasis by governments on electric vehicles instead of investing in cycling, walking and public transport, which have so many other benefits beyond cutting emissions."

Pedal on COP26 was organised by Pedal on Parliament, with over 15 rides coming from across Scotland to converge on Glasgow on November 6th. They're calling for cycling to be taken seriously as a tool to urgently combat climate change. Read more about the Pedal On COP experience here and here.

A big thank you to everyone that joined us on the ride and the march and to or ride leaders and assistants - your support was very much appreciated!