Glasgow Eco Trust has signed up to Love To Ride Glasgow, an online website designed to encourage more people to cycle more often, and we want you to join us! 

Love To Ride Glasgow aims to:

  1. Get new cyclists on bikes and cycling for transportation
  2. Work to co-promote existing services on the ground. We are running a series of fun challenges for residents and really want to appeal to a wide range of audiences!

You can use the Love to Ride platform all year round to... 

  • Log rides
  • Set yourself biking goals
  • Ace our quick courses
  • Read our tips articles
  • Keep track of your riding stats
  • Send and receive high fives
  • Share your story and read other people’s

You can also take part in our fun biking campaigns! During a Love to Ride campaign, you can compete on leaderboards and encourage friends, family and co-workers to ride, earn points and win prizes!

The initiative is funded by Glasgow City Council.

Join our group now!

Ride Anywhere Week 21-27 March

This campaign week is designed to get you achieving more by bike! Whether you want to ride more with your family or embark upon new epic biking experiences, Love to Ride will support you as you ride towards new goals (and prizes!).

You can choose one of four pledges: 

  • Ride for health and fitness - feel happier, stronger and live longer! 
  • Ride for transportation - to work, to school, to the store - we’ll help you start making any journey from A to B by bike.
  • Ride for adventure - whether it’s to ride somewhere new or bikepack for the first time, enjoy a pedal-powered adventure!
  • Ride with kids - saddle up, enjoy a bike ride with your kids and turn bike time into family time.

Once you’ve picked your pledge, we will send you heaps of useful information to get you ready to ride during Ride Anywhere Week. You’ll receive top tips and tricks to help you achieve your pledge and motivational tools to get you geared up for greatness. 

During the challenge, simply ride your bike and log the rides and you’ll be automatically entered into the prize draw to win amazing prizes like a £500 voucher!

What do you think you could achieve in one week? There’s only one way to find out…

If you need some extra support to get out on your bike then why not come and join one of our led cycle rides?

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