In celebration of Volunteer Week held from the 1st til the 7th of June every year – a week of appreciation for all the hard work volunteers put in, the staff and volunteers of Glasgow Eco Trust joined with many others for the weekly Led Ride.

The ride was led by John and Zora and we cycled along the Clyde to Glasgow Tower next to the Science Centre, where from the distance across the river we could see film crews and cranes at the Govan Graving Docks where the new Spielberg movie was being filmed.

Then from there we cycled to Festival Park, a rather small park which I would say is relatively unknown to many people in Glasgow. However, when we arrived many fellow riders were reminiscing about the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988 of which took place in this area with the park being the only part which remains from it.

Although the festival was well before my time I was familiar with it as my mum often speaks of it and has very fond memories of it and she mentions many times in passing in conversation. It was interesting to hear other people talk of their happy memories of the Festival and how many considered the festival a significant turning point in a real change for the city of Glasgow and brought the city to national & international attention.

I feel it’s a real shame that Festival Park is not a very well known or well utilised community space by people in the city, especially considering it’s the lasting legacy of the Garden Festival which many considered a significant event in the history of Glasgow.

Not only do the Led Rides open up the cycle routes in the city it has also put the city in a new light by visiting various places and opens up discussion of memories and significance of the place which we visit.

You can find out more about the Glasgow Eco Trust weekly led rides on the Events page.