Case Study - July 2022

This case study has been kindly completed by Elspeth Gracey, who is one of our valued Community Green Team volunteers.


They joined the walks a few months ago. Their first walk was part of ‘Walk to Grow’ focusing on ‘foraging’ in which they are interested. They have always been a keen walker but recently their dog died and so their usual walking pattern was broken. They very much missed their walks with the dog. They described the enjoyment they gained from their previous walking pattern as “some peaceful time to myself” and have been surprised by how much they have been enjoying walking with the group.

Health and Wellbeing

They described the walks as encouraging their fitness and increasing their awareness of how far they walk via keeping track of their step count. They usually walk from their home in Knightswood to the Heart of Scotstoun community centre before and after the walk. They enjoy “the actual walking”.

Knowledge, skills and confidence

Walking with the group has introduced them to new places locally that they “didn’t even know existed”. They said it “opened up new horizons” for them and has “really improved their knowledge of the local area”. She particularly values the input of the walk leader who points out local historical and cultural references including “lots of local history” which they are sure “most people don’t know about”.

They particularly enjoyed a recent visit to Govan Parish Church and have recommended it to other people. They described walking through the Clyde Tunnel which they “would never have done before” having been unaware of the improvements that have been made relating to monitoring of the tunnel making it a safer place to be than before.

They are now also part of the Adult Led Cycle Rides and feel they are increasing their confidence as a cyclist.

More connected to the community

They only realised that the Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre existed since joining the walking group and have used the cafe for meeting friends. They described the Centre as “a hidden gem. I didn’t even know it existed.” They also appreciate the links to other community activities which is sent out via the WhatsApp group through which they have become connected to Kingsway Community Connections and also Glasgow Eco Trust's ‘Led Cycle Rides’.

More able to take part in Community life.

When asked if they felt more able to take part in community life they said “probably because of the connections I’ve made via this group”. “I usually prefer walking on my own. I liked the peace and tranquillity so I half expected it might not be for me but I decided to give it a go and it’s been fine which has surprised me.”

“I am more aware of walking and cycling because of this group, more focused on getting my steps up and less likely to use the car to come to the Centre.” Health Walk participant

Greater Pride in Place

They said they have always been “pretty proud of Glasgow anyway” but they have enjoyed learning more about the local history.

Environmental Impact

They describes themselves as “more aware of walking and cycling because of this group.” and more focused on “getting their steps up and less likely to use the car to come to the Centre.”

When describing their attitude to sustainable food they described themselves as “already into all that” and spoke about sharing their knowledge of these issues within the group. They enjoyed their visit to the Knighswood allotments and they are an experienced veg grower in their own garden.

Awareness of Climate Change

Although they felt they were already pretty aware of issues relating to Climate Change they said that being part of the walking group had “probably highlighted things and definitely made me more aware of local activities e.g. the concept of ‘active travel’.”

Any other comments

“Overall it’s been a very positive experience. The walk and ride leaders are the ‘salt of the earth’.”