Case Study - June 2022

This case study has been kindly completed by Elspeth Gracey, who is one of our valued Community Green Team volunteers.

The participant has been walking with the group for 9 months or more. They and their partner recently moved to Glasgow. 

Health and Wellbeing

When asked about benefits to health and wellbeing they immediately said “Better mental health.”

They believe that for all of us it is best being out of doors adding “We are not meant to be solitary beings.” “Companionship is one of the best things, which seems odd when I come with my partner but I walk with others, lots of different ages, lots of different views, lots of different topics and different things.”

They also mentioned improved general fitness. In addition they cycle to and from the walks.

Knowledge Skills and Confidence

Being new to Glasgow and this local area they have enjoyed getting to know the area. They enjoy going to areas they have not been to before. It also highlights routes that they can take on their bike knowing that they have been risk assessed. Also in the conversations within the group they share general information which can be on any topic, medical information, travel information, history of the area they are walking through. Hearing about those that were employed in industries no longer active in the area.

When asked if they felt more confident as a result of being part of the Health Walks they said “Yes” immediately “It’s a very uplifting group. I’ve not seen anybody put anybody down. It’s a very welcoming group.”

They previously learned about an open day at the Fossil Grove and so on a subsequent walk was able to “give a mini-talk to the group about the fossil grove”.

Sharing knowledge within the group is one of the major advantages for them and they said “Nobody knows nothing, everybody knows something.”

Pride in Place

They have become a very active resident where they live getting involved in litter picks in Partick and around the flats where they live.

More connected to the community

The WhatsApp group that is used by the group means that there is more connection between members of the group. They share information about community events and other community activities.

More able to take part in community life

They have been instrumental in forming a tenants and residents association and on the day we spoke they were sharing information around the group of a local fund-raising event being undertaken by another community group.

“It’s a very uplifting group. I’ve not seen anybody put anybody down. It’s a very welcoming group.” Health Walk participant

Environmental impact

They got rid of their car last summer. Through the Glasgow Eco Trust they had their bikes serviced at De’ils on Wheels after an unsatisfactory job was done by a commercial operator. After their bikes were serviced by De’ils on Wheels their bikes were working perfectly. “Paul is just amazing all 3 bikes were beautifully serviced”. “Now we go swimming at Clydebank using the cycle path” “Where we lived before we needed a car for everything.”

Since joining the group they have also changed the detergent they use at home and has campaigned for better waste disposal for the block of flats where they live. They liaise with the Council over the types of bins available, where they are sited and the kind and number of each type of bin that is needed to provide best and most efficient uplift by the council.

Any other comments

“In general it’s a super group, I enjoy seeing new areas, learning the history of the area and the people are so lovely.”

Glasgow Eco Trust and De'ils On Wheels

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