Glasgow Eco Trust has been successful in securing support from PAS (formerly Planning Aid Services) as part of their Sustaining Choices 2022 programme. This support will allow us to develop a Sustainable Transport and Active Travel plan for Whiteinch and Scotstoun.

This links to our wider Community Connections for Climate Action project through the Transport theme and builds on a range of transport and travel related issues in the area, many of which you have been campaigning on, including:

  • Dumbarton Road having significant volume of traffic and many heavy vehicles
  • Exit from the Clyde Tunnel straight on to Dumbarton Road in Whiteinch
  • Use of local roads as rat run between South Street and Dumbarton Road and Expressway
  • Lack of safe crossings on South Street
  • Lack of a safe crossing on Danes Drive and lack of pavements in Kingsway Estate
  • Use of the Avenues as a rat run
  • Safer School Run and School streets
  • Traffic issues relating to Scotstoun Stadium
  • The removal of the Number 4 bus service
  • And a lot more!

Furthermore we hope that this plan will contribute to Glasgow City Council’s Liveable Neighbourhoods programme. The consultations as part of phase 2 of this programme is due to start during 2022/23 and this will include the Yoker, Scotstoun, Whiteinch and Jordanhill neighbourhoods.

Programme format

PAS will support communities to address sustainable travel aspirations by providing impartial and technical knowledge to create unique action plans that encourage conversations about opportunities for walking and cycling and sustainable transport.

A key outcome for Sustaining Choices will be the development of community engagement capacity at a local level, to inform the action plan and future decision making. Community Facilitators (see more below) will play a vital role in coordinating engagement in their community during the course of this project.


The timeline for the project is as follows. Also see attached image.

  • Apr / May 2022 - Community facilitators preparations
  • May 2022 - stakeholders event
  • May to June 2022 - Place Standard workshops with Community facilitators – First workshop run with support from PAS, subsequent workshops run by participants independently.
  • Sep to Nov 2022 - Final community engagement event – delivery summit, and draft action plan preparation
  • Dec 2022 to Jan 2023 - Production of a final action plan

Our ask

We hope you are as excited about this project as we are and we hope that you will want to get involved. Opportunities to get involved are:

  • Join the core team - we are looking to put together a small steering group which will meet probably monthly for a couple of hours to oversee the delivery of the project
  • Become a Community Facilitator - we are looking to recruit 3 to 4 community facilitators to take part in the online training and to help deliver the community engagement sessions. This will be approx 0.5 to 1.0 day per month with the majority of the time being between April and September. This could be done in a voluntary role but may also be suitable for staff from local organisations as a continual professional development opportunity. I have attached a copy of the Community Facilitator role profile for more information.
  • Complete our short survey - a quick survey about transport

If you would like to find out more about or get involved with this project then please contact Neil Lovelock, GET project Manager on 0141 433 0427 or [email protected]

You can also follow on Twitter @SustChoices!