We are delighted that De’ils On Wheels, our community bike workshop, has recently been re-accredited as a Revolve Reuse Centre.

Revolve is Scotland’s national re-use quality standard for shops who sell second hand goods in Scotland. Revolve wants to make it easier, more inviting, and safer for everyone to buy second hand items. When you see the Revolve logo, then you know you are buying from a great re-use shop, that is committed to quality and excellent customer service.

There are now over 150 Revolve Reuse Centres across Scotland including Glasgow Wood Recycling, Spruce Carpets and Merry-Go-Round Glasgow children’s boutique!

And Revolve are running an advertising campaign in the Glasgow area in the run up to Christmas and you will be able to see adverts on buses, on the subway, on advertising boards and hear adverts on the radio!

You can find out more about De’ils On Wheels on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed!