Do you have concerns about the local environment? And would you be willing to take action to address the issues?

Glasgow Eco Trust is trying to better understand what the main community environmental issues are in local areas in west Glasgow.

We have undertaken a survey and we are hosting regular Community Environmental Forums to discuss these issues and develop an action plan.

Community Environmental Issues survey

The Community Environmental Issues survey aimed to get a better understanding of what were the most important community environmental issues and, more importantly, what community environmental issues local people were most willing to take action on. The survey was based on the ten topics of the Eco Schools Scotland programme.

303 people completed the survey, approx. 50% of which were from the G13/G14 postcode area. The survey results were presented in the form of an infographic (see below)

The ten issues that people were asked about were:

  • Grime crime (inc litter, flytipping, graffiti, dog fouling)
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Community Spaces
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Biodiversity (different plant/animal species)
  • Water
  • Food and the environment
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Climate change

Community Environmental Forum

122 (40%) of the people that completed the survey were either Very or Fairly interested in a Community Environmental Forum and through further discussions via some focus groups it was decided to hold a Forum on a Saturday morning in a local community centre. The Forum would meet every 3 months.

The schedule of the Forums is as follows

Download the report from the June Forum


We have produced an infographic based on the 303 responses to the survey to help share the results.