Purpose of Role

As the saying goes, “A picture speaks a thousand words”.  Glasgow Eco Trust are looking for a talented Photographer to volunteer and to capture what we do and the difference we make.  We are looking for inspiring photographs that will help us promote our activities.  The photographer should have access to a equipment that can produce high resolution images.

Task Description

This is a great opportunity to develop your photography skills and get hands on experience in working in a variety of activities and events.  We would hope that the Photographer will:

  • Attend regular volunteering sessions and capture the positive atmosphere.
  • Be present at various events organised by Glasgow Eco Trust and record the occasion.
  • Collate, edit and forward all images to only Glasgow Eco Trust.
  • Glasgow Eco Trust will confirm that people are comfortable being photographed and the volunteer should be respectful of participants that might not want to be photographed.

Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Good with people and enjoys being part of our team.
  • Experience in using camera equipment.
  • Good visual eye for taking inspiring, active photos of people enjoying Glasgow Eco Trust events.
  • Able to work independently on occasion.

Accountable to

A member of Glasgow Eco Trust staff will be available at any volunteering sessions and events.

Support and Supervision

Ongoing support and regular supervision will be provided by Glasgow Eco Trust staff.  You are encouraged to take part in any appropriate training or group events that would benefit you.  Reasonable volunteering expenses will be reimbursed. 

Time Commitment Required & Locations

Volunteering opportunities will be by prior arrangement.  The location and times of sessions and events will vary, however Glasgow Eco Trust will ensure that you have a clear understanding of what projects you have the opportunity of attending, where they are and what times we need a photographer present.

Interested in this volunteer role? Please complete our Volunteer form

Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash