Robert is just about to celebrate his 70th birthday but there is someone missing from his life and her absence makes the day ahead stretch out before him.

Miriam, Roberts daughter is a busy working mum who worries about her daughter Sinead getting to school on her own so takes her there by car and this morning they have overslept!

Sinead is due to give a presentation to the whole school and cannot be late and Mum needs to get to work on time too. Her son Aidan has left already and is walking to school, but he is very distracted by the thought of meeting up with Sheryl later and is constantly checking his phone.

Will they all make it on time and how will Robert get through today? Find out what happens to this ordinary family on this extraordinary day!

Come and join us for a FREE play!

Glasgow Eco Trust is delighted to bring the Baldy Bane Theatre company to the neighbourhood to give us 4 performance of this play. There will be 2 performances at Knightswood Community Centre and Mon 25 Mar and 2 performances at Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre on Thu 28 Mar.

There will be two performances of this show at Knightswood Community Centre

  • Performance 1 starts at 330pm
  • Performance 2 starts at 445pm

This play has been fully funded by Road Safety Scotland, and offered free of charge to community groups.

Baldy Bane Better Late Than play